About us

The main thing you have to know about us – we have an excellent understanding of passenger service technology!

krasta_day2Innovations for passengers’ comfort

Our company was founded with the purpose of development of engineering solutions and new information technologies for transport systems. We make our systems aiming to increase quality of passenger service and, as a result, to reduce expenses and to increase profits of our partners.

Our partners

Our partners are: airports, airlines, seaport passenger terminals and railway terminals. All those people and companies that build new transport hubs or develop existing transport infrastructure.

We understand that work in infrastructure projects is associated with vast expenditure of resources and not only material but human as well. Our solutions enable to reduce not only financial burden of our customers at the stages of realization and operation of new objects but personnel workload as well. Our solutions are first and foremost user-friendly – for passenger terminal personnel and for passengers as well.

Technology goes first and foremost

Our specialists understand that correctly organized technology is the cornerstone of any transport hub. Our solutions enable to organize technology efficiently. Our projects are implemented in accordance with all regulatory standards of the industry, IATA recommendations, requirements of the ministry of transport and ICAO documents.

Due to our experience in the area of technological design we have a good reputation among leading developers of transport systems, including:


Project Development and Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation «Aeroproject»


Project Development and Scientific Research Institute «Kazaeroproject»


Project Institute of Civil Aviation «Krasaeroproject»


Project Development and Scientific Research Institute of Air Transport «Lenaeroproject»

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Our experience

Our team has significant experience in technological design, project documentation maintenance during expert examination, project management and, what is the most important, successful commissioning of construction objects to customers and state commissions. Our specialists have significant experience of project development in:

  • European Union
  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Azerbaijan
  • Ukraine

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During co-operation with us you can be sure that information systems of your passenger terminal will be installed in due time and successfully commissioned to the customer. Contact us and we will help you to bring your project to technological perfection!