Payment management system IS-AirportBilling

IS-AirportBilling is designed for management of billing and settlement process with contractual partners of airport, passenger or cargo terminal for the offered services of ground handling. The system helps to keep tabs on the offered services, calculate tariffs and issue invoices for ground handling, concession as well as to send invoices to contractual partners or to the external accounting systems.

Airport billing

Contract data management

IS-AirportBilling allows to store and manage data on ground handling contracts with air carriers and other airport operators. IS-AirportBilling helps to manage the following information:

  • List of services offered by passenger termilal of an airline: passenger check-in, baggage handling, passenger inspection, oversized baggage handling, business lounge services, services for passengers of delayed flights.
  • List of ground handling services: catering, baggage and containers loading, passenger boarding with the help of passenger boarding bridges or passenger boarding stairs.
  • Data on leasing contracts for terminal’s space.
  • Concession airport activities data.

Tariff scale regulation

IS-AirportBilling offers an opportunity of flexible management and making a list of services for each airline and each type of aircraft. Thanks to this the system helps to precisely calculate cost of usage of any special vehicle unit used for technological operations at the apron. The system allows to store the following data and to develop a flexible tariff scale:

  • Parameters and tariffs for handling various types of aircraft
  • Parameters and tariffs for airlines services
  • Parameters and tariffs for various special vehicles services
  • Parameters of concession and lease of passenger terminal facilities
  • Airlines’ profiles and services offered to each airline

Payments and billing

Subsequent to the results of airport activities IS-AirportBilling system analyzes data on the performed technological operations of handling aircraft, passengers and baggage and in accordance with these data it issues invoices and automatically sends them out via e-mail.

After payments have been completed IS-AirportBilling system automatically sends them out via e-mail and transfers them to external accounting system.