System of managing airport activities IS-AODB

AODB is an informational core of any airport, the database to store all technological information and to register all ongoing operations in the airport.

airport_fasIS-AODB (Airport Operational Database) supports main operational airport activity that is arrival and departure of aircraft. The system is designated for storing and managing main data and operations of an airport: schedule planning and managing, dispatching control of takeoffs/landings and apron service management.

Main functional capabilities of the system:

  • Managing data of daily flight plan
  • Managing daily operational schedule
  • Managing technology of passenger terminals and airport technological zones of airport
  • Apron management
  • Managing, storing and replicating technological norms of ground aircraft service
  • Managing data of aircraft reference guide and arrangement of aircraft cabin
  • Managing reference guides of airlines, airports, cities and countries
  • Managing and storing data on airlines’ handling agreements
  • Storing and managing data of aircraft CG calculation AHM-560
  • Storing and managing reference guides on airlines’ baggage transportation norms
  • Monitoring efficiency of the system
  • Integration with external systems: DCS, FIDS, BHS, ERP
  • Export of daily flight plan to the homepage

Daily flight plan

aodb_reccurenceIS-AODB enables to maintain daily flight plan easily. All flights of seasonal schedule are fed into the system out of which it arranges actual arrivals/departures for every day. AODB supports input of regular flights with complex periodicity, for example: «every second Sunday of a month» or «every Wednesday and Friday except 21st of March».

IS-AODB supports flexible replication of schedule in csc, xml formats or IATA SSIM into other systems such as FIDS, DCS or ERP.

The system supports export of seasonal schedule in xls, xml and pdf formats for further processing and also the system prepares detailed reports on the flights:

  • statistics of airlines’ flight performance
  • statistics of number of passengers and baggage load of flights
  • statistics of airlines’ flight delays: by period, by destination, by regions and countires

IS-AODB has a comprehensible interface what enables to keep complex seasonal schedule easily and without additional training.

Actual daily schedule

IS-AODB enables to manage arrivals and departures in real time, as well as loading works at the apron and aircraft traffic, to ascertain flight statuses and to send standard IATA messages. Actual schedule is uploaded into subsystems FIDS, DCS and airport homepage in real rime.



Flight status management can be performed manually by operator as well as in automatic mode with the help of broadcasting technology ADS-B — flight statuses are automatically changed by installed receiver ADS-B.


IS-AODB helps to manage aircraft placement at the apron and to monitor ground handling between arrival and departure according to technological procedures and handling agreements. Interface of apron management is based on entirely interactive Gantt chart.



Messages sending

IS-AODB offers simple and comprehensible interface to work with incoming and outgoing IATA messages. The system supports quick and convenient sending of MVT, DIV and LDM messages.