Aircraft weight and balance calculation system IS-W&B 560

Efficient management of aircraft’s center of gravity (CG) calculation and preparation of commercial documentation.

IS-W&B 560 system is designated for aircraft’s center of gravity (CG) calculation, loadsheet preparation and sending IATA messages (LDM and others). The system follows all IATA AHM recommendations and calculates not only possible CG and balance on the basis of physical limitations of an aircraft but also produces recommended optimal CG calculation on the basis of optimal economy of fuel.


Features of the system that are worthy to pay attention to:


Simple and intuitive user-friendly interface


Automated data entry from standard AHM 560 documents


Automated data exchange with DCS systems of airlines


Convenient and efficient management of additional loading of mail and cargo waiting to be dispatched

Simple and user-friendly interface

Flight CG calculation in IS-W&B 560 system is performed within one window – without changing and using additional modal windows. Such user’s interface organization allows to keep the context of user’s work and to conveniently observe the process of CG calculation as well as reaching boundary parameters of an aircraft. The system supports “hot keys” usage what helps to speed up the work of CG calculation dispatcher.

The system is integrated with AODB, DCS and BRS systems installed in the terminal for receiving actual data on passengers’ check-in and baggage loading. CG calculation is performed online as new data on checked in passengers and baggage from BRS and DCS systems become available.


Flight data can be received in automated mode from external systems or manual data entry can be performed by CG calculation dispatcher.

The system can be launched at various workplaces and data consistency is guaranteed. For example, several CG calculation dispatchers can work simultaneously.

Fast data entry into the system

Aircraft’s parameters data entry into the system is performed with the help of special assistant – data entry master. Step-by-step process of data entry instructs to feed sequentially all necessary data for the system:

  • Arrangement of aircraft seats
  • Zones and classes of the seats
  • Indices of weights of fuel, cargo and passengers
  • Limitations and weight restrictions
  • Parameters of recommended takeoff CG
  • Parameters of calculation of stabilizers position
  • Preparation of optimal seating

The system permits to feed data in standard IATA * AHM 560 format or directly from Pilot Operating Handbook (POH).


Data entry master helps to convert standard aircraft’s AHM 560 in pdf format into IS-W&B database internal format – quickly and without additional efforts. System operator just has to check correctness of identified data and to save data in database of the system.

Automated data exchange

The system supports receiving of data from external passenger check-in systems DCS, airport’s AODB and BRS systems. Standard IATA AHM 560 messages are processed, integration with external information systems via web services is provided. After CG calculation has been completed LDM, CPM and other standard IATA messages are sent.


The system administration allows to separate access rights for system data editing, for example, it is possible to permit to make changes in parameters of base load scale of an aircraft.

Efficient and convenient management of additional loading

IS-W&B 560 system allows to visually follow the context of all outgoing flights and to make fast decisions on additional loading of mail and cargo waiting to be dispatched into aircrafts.


The system will choose an aircraft for particular cargo to be loaded according to CG calculation, urgency of dispatch and daily flight plan.

Safety and CG calculation process

The system calculates CG step by step and each iteration is seen in the CG calculation window; so the CG calculation dispatcher can easily check correctness of the calculated data. Aircraft CG calculation in IS-W&B 560 is performed in four main stages:


The system supports flexible access rights separation what allows editing seatplan or takeoff mass to be performed only by authorized users.

Preparation of commercial documentation

Final CG calculation and loadsheet printing is performed after boarding has been completed, at the workplace of operation-dispatcher service specialist.

IS-W&B 560 system helps to prepare all necessary associated documentation:

  • Loadsheet
  • Loading Instruction/Report

The system also supports sending messages on aircraft loading via radio communication system ACARS.