Mobile application IS-MyAirport

Mobile app helps to increase quality of service and to take information sharing to a new level.

Nowadays more than 60% of passengers have their own smartphones. Such circumstance opens new opportunities for interaction and helps to get passengers oriented in the terminal more efficiently and to give information on airport technological procedures and flight schedule.

Electronic boarding pass

mobile4With IS-MyAirport passengers can check in for their flight and to choose their seats in the aircraft, the app also offers additional services. Consequently passenger gets electronic boarding pass with the help of which he or she can get through all pre-flight formalities.

Flight schedule and flight status tracking

IS-MyAirport shows operational schedule of arrivals and departures in online mode on the smartphone screen.
All flights of operational schedule are tracked with the help of ADS-B messages processing what allows to display route and positioning data of an aircraft at any time.
The app analyzes incoming messages of electronic mail and tracks flight booking and e-ticket information. Passengers not only get flight schedule information but also can watch online their flight progress.


Navigation in the terminal

mobile2Mobile app IS-MyAirport helps passengers to get oriented in the airport terminals independently of stationary navigation infrastructure.
Using IS-MyAirport pasengers can easily find the route to boarding area or to any other object of search in the terminal.
Routing can be started in several ways:

  • Automatically, after passenger arrives in the airport.
  • After passenger has chosen the object of search from the catalogue.
  • After passenger has chosen relevant key word from a tag cloud.

Ads placement

Mobile app can give tips in the context of search. For example, if user is looking for restaurant or cafe the app can offer him or her several options following various priorities which are set by the operator. When passenger arrives in the airport terminal the mobile app automatically shows information on remaining free time before boarding as well as advertisements of places where this time could be spent.

Baggage tracking

mobile3According to SITA research passengers consider security check to be the most disappointing stage of airport technological service and the second worst is baggage retrieving. IS-MyAirport solves this problem providing information on stages of technological service and location of passengers’ baggage.

IS-MyAirport is integrated with airport’s AODB system and is capable to process standard IATA messages what helps to get information on baggage location. The app promptly informs its user on the following:

  • Baggage location (in the airplane baggage compartment, unloaded onto cart or unloaded onto conveyor).
  • Estimated time of baggage unloading onto conveyor.
  • Number of conveyor for retrieving the baggage.