Navigation signs

Airport sign. Gate DNavigation signs help passengers to find static objects such as boarding gates, check-in counters and areas, inspection zones as well as to get oriented in the passenger terminal.

After a passenger has made up his mind about where he should go in the passenger terminal then navigation signs will help him to find relevant technological zone, shop, cafe or service counter.

Our specialists have rich experience in placing navigation signs in passenger terminal.
Simulation modelling helps to properly place the signs along passengers’ traffic flows.

Types of signs

smallsignSmall sign is installed for identification of a particular spot in the terminal. By the moment of approaching this sign the passenger has already found his way in the terminal and these small signs give him more detailed information:

  • Sign above check-in counter
  • Boarding gate sign
  • Sign of special control area number
  • Signs of lounges, rooms for kids, WCs

smoking place sign, airport bigboardNavigation sign shows direction in which passenger should go to reach the zone he needs. Navigation signs are the basic means of orientation in a terminal. Their correct placement plays important role in order and consistency of passengers’ traffic flows.

Navigation signs are made of plastics and carbon plastics, they can be equipped with backlight and are enclosed into aluminium frame.

Navigation signs are usually made in standard colour palettes:

  • Yellow-grey-black
  • Red and black
  • Blue and black

    • Airport information boardBlock of navigation signs is installed at the intersections of passengers’ traffic flows and is designated for right choice of direction and orientation of passengers in the points of the biggest crowding.