Interactive navigation table IS-WayFind M2

navig.stol2Interactive navigation table IS-WayFind M2 shows digital map of passenger terminal and helps passengers to find needed objects and to plot a route to them.

Route plotting can be started by several methods:

  • by scanning passenger’s boarding pass
  • after passenger has chosen the object of search from the list
  • after passenger has chosen a relevant keyword from the tags’ cloud
  • by voice command

Boarding pass scanner

The system has a built-in boarding pass scanner which helps passengers to plot their routes to the next technological operation by a single touch. After passenger’s boarding pass has been scanned the screen will show the route to relevant pre-flight formalities area and boarding gate. For example, if navigation table is located in check-in hall, passenger will be directed to special control zone of the relevant flight.

Voice control

IS-WayFind M2 supports function of search voice control. After voice command «search» and the key word are pronounced the system recognizes voice message, transforms it into text and offers optimal route to the point of search. For example, command «search pizza» will help to find the nearest eatery serving pizza and to plot the route to this place.

Advertisements placement

When navigation table is not used for the purpose specified, that is demonstration of interactive map, IS-WayFind M2 displays advertisements. When passenger comes to the navigation table and touches its sensor surface then immediately the terminal’s map and search tools appear on the surface.

Besides, navigation table IS-WayFind M2 can show tips in the search context. For example, if user is searching restaurant or café, the table offers him cafes in priority order specified by operator. After boarding pass has been scanned the navigation table shows information on remaining free time until boarding and advertisements of places in the terminal where passenger can spend this time. Advertisements are assigned by system’s operator via administrator console.

Convenient space for mobility-impaired people

invalidAviation is the most friendly transport for special needs passengers including mobility-impaired people. Comfortable service for such passengers needs thorough elaboration of planning solutions for passenger terminal and availability of additional service means.

Navigation table IS-WayFind M2 is specially designed for convenience of all categories of passengers including mobility-impaired people who can be comfortably provided with information. Working surface and touch screen are positioned in such a way so that they can be conveniently used both by standing and sitting people. And as the voice search function is available then passengers can use the navigation table without touching its sensor surface.

IS-WayFind M2
Protection level IP64
Operating temperature +10-50° C
Dimensions 1255x808x800 mm (LxWxH)
Weight 60 kg
Finishing Stainless steel/chrome
  • Boarding pass scanner
  • Touch screen
  • Voice control module