IS-CUPPS platform

Shared access of airlines to the equipment of check-in counters and departure gate counters helps to significantly increase effiicency of usage of passenger terminal resources.

cupps_logoAirlines often come to large airports and regional airports with growing passenger traffic with their own passenger check-in system. Incompatibility of their check-in systems with existing printers of check-in counters, passport scanners at the departure gates and other equipment often leads to necessity of permanent check-in counter rent by an airline thus pegging the check-in counter to equipment of this particular airline so that other operators cannot use it. Such inefficient usage of check-in counters and departure gates lowers overall pass-through capacity of the terminal and increases costs and complexity of terminal management.


IS-CUPPS platform helps to organize shared usage of terminal’s resources by all airlines that operate in the terminal. With the help of IS-CUPPS basic equipment of check-in counters and departure gates can be used by any operator what allows airlines to use without restrictions any check-in system that is convenient to them on standard equipment of the terminal.

IS-CUPPS helps to organize shared access to the airport’s resources:

  • Boarding pass printers
  • Baggage tag printers
  • Boarding pass scanners
  • Passport scanners

IS-CUPPS platform helps to efficiently organize shared usage of airport’s resources and to exclude «monopolistic» usage of check-in counters by a single company.

Unified interface

IS-CUPPS realizes universal API according to CUPPS standard which provides hardware abstraction layers for all devices operated by the platform. Consequently, platform application does not depend on hardware, connection plugs, drivers and printer firmware versions.