Electronic ticket gate IS-EGate

egate_goElectronic ticket gate IS-EGate is designed for arrangement of automated regime of passengers’ passing through to airport technological zones by checking their boarding passes.

Usage of electronic ticket gate IS-EGate helps to increase passing-through capacity of pre-flight formalities area and speed of passengers’ getting to departure gate as well as to lower costs of passenger service. Besides, IS-EGate increases security level and excludes human factor in control of access to restricted zones of terminal.

Passenger’s passing through the gate

egate_viennaUnauthorized access

Radar installed inside the gate’s posts monitors passengers’ passing through and prevents unauthorized access. If several passengers try to go through the gate simultaneously or try to open the gate forcefully or try to hold the gate’s wings or in case of other manipulations the gate switches on sound alarm and the system sends relevant message to operator’s workplace.


Passengers with kids and mobility impaired passengers

lowmobile_manТурникет IS-EGate is friendly to passengers with kids: after scanning boarding pass it receives info on passengers with kids from the airport’s database and quietly lets the whole family go through without reacting as if it were an attempt of unauthorized access.

IS-EGate was developed for all categories of passengers. Walk-through width of 900 mm was chosen for comfortable going through of wheelchairs of mobility impaired passengers and it corresponds to all ergonomic requirements and norms.

Manual control and fire alarm

In case of necessity the gate can be equipped with manual control panel. With the help of manual control panel the gate can be switched to manual control mode or fully opened.

The system of gate control is integrated with fire alarm system and automatically opens all gates after fire alarm actuation.

Protection level IP20
Operating temperature +10-50° C
Dimensions 1215х1000х1332 (LxWxH) mm
Walk-through width 900 mm
Finishing Stainless steel
  • Electromechanical gate
  • Boarding pass scanner
  • Passing-through radar
  • Photodiode traffic light signal (optional)
  • Video camera (optional)