New Gabala International Airport

Construction in 2011 and expansion in 2013. International airport of Gabala resort town in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

New Gabala International Airport

New airport

Year after year Azerbaijan has been systematically developing its inner airport network. In order to develop tourism in Gabala resort town it was decided to build new international airport with 3600 metres runway.

Construction of the airport started in January 2011. The project was completed in record-setting term and in November 2011 formal opening of the airport was held in the presence of Azerbaijan high officials. For the period of 11 months the project was developed, the runway for all aircraft types, passenger terminal with capacity of 200 passengers per hour and all related infrastructure were built.

At last, Gabala International Airport is starting operations. This airport is capable to receive any aircraft. Even the heaviest cargo airplanes can land here. The runway is large enough and can withstand weight of any airplane. Therefore I am sure that the future of this airport will be very successful. I hope that in future international flights will be carried out from the airport as well.
President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev

Tight deadline of the construction put forward higher demands to all contractors-suppliers of technological equipment. Integral Systems company successfully installed the Flight Information Display System FIDS in accordance with all high demands.

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev is taking a look at IS-FIDS system

Expansion of terminal

The airport started to grow rapidly: the first international flight Gabala–Moscow was carried out already in November 2012. In the process of operation by 2013 the executive management of Azerbaijan Airlines realized that the influx of passengers exceeded existing capacity of the terminal and decision about 60% expansion of airport premises was made.

AZAL airline had highly appreciated our work in 2011 and contacted us again. During 2013 the passenger terminal building was expanded and provided with new equipment including IS-FIDS system.

Flight Information Display System (IS-FIDS) made by Integral Systems was installed in Gabala International Airport and has been in operation since 2011. In 2013 the passenger terminal of Gabala Airport was expanded and, in line with that, Integral Systems expanded Flight Information Display System (IS-FIDS) as well. In the course of implementation of the project Azerbaijan Airlines found it exceptionally important to reduce term of putting the new passenger terminal of Gabala Airport into operation. Integral Systems dealt successfully with the task – installation, putting the system into operation and personnel training took only two weeks. Our specialists were pleased with efficiency of implementation works and results of using IS-FIDS system made by Integral Systems
Anar Movsunov, Chief of construction department

International airport

2011, 2013

Gabala, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Hava Yollari

project development, FIDS

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200 passengers per hour

3600 m