Design and visualization

The best way to understand how the passenger terminal will eventually look for passengers and whether technological zones and navigation are conveniently organized

The best way to understand how a passenger terminal will eventually look through the eyes of passengers and whether all technological zones and navigation signs are conveniently organized and placed.

This opportunity to turn into a future passenger in the terminal that has not yet been built is a powerful instrument of design as it helps to visually estimate future space of the terminal. Paper does not refuse ink but visualization helps to understand how everything will look in reality.

Design and visualization create virtual representation of the future terminal step by step:


Technological furniture design

Work of passenger handling service agent is quite intensive and demanding: he has to serve passengers quickly and with due quality in situations of limited time and constant stress. Passenger handling service agents are placed at the front line of passenger services so it is very important to organize the agent’s operational process correctly. Development of ergonomic and comfortable work place for the agents helps to reduce time of passenger and baggage handling.


Our specialists together with specialists of airport passenger handling service will select the most optimal equipment and develop internal organization of check-in counters, boarding counters and other work places according to developed technology of passenger service, requirements of ergonomics and recommendations of IATA.

Visualization of technological zones

Visualization helps to get an approximate general view of a technological zone with pieces of equipment at their places and to get the picture of how it will look from the point of view of passengers.


3D panoramas of the terminal

Enables to see panorama of technological zone, to look around and understand what a passenger would feel while being inside it – whether everything is clear, whether it is comfortable everywhere.


3D map of the terminal

The map combines all panoramas, visualization and design of technological furniture. It gives an opportunity to go through the whole process as a passenger: to check in baggage, to pass control zone, to sit in the waiting room café; and as a passenger handling specialist: to register passengers and to guide them to the boarding bus.

The terminal map helps to check whether navigation signs and informational monitors have been installed correctly.