Technological design

Technology is the first and foremost! Not a single architectural and design solution can replace convenient passing through departure formalities and comfortable service.

Airport plan Usually passengers get nervous before their flights and only when all departure formalities have been left behind they can give a sigh of relief and calmly have a cup of coffee while waiting for departure.

Clear and simple passing through departure formalities keeps passengers’ nervous cells intact, leaves positive impression about the airport and results in customers’ loyalty. Correct organization of technological zones of passenger and baggage handling helps to achieve this goal.

Our specialists have huge experience in the field of technological design of passenger terminals and providing equipment for technological zones for efficient passenger and baggage handling.

Technological design answers the following questions:

  • How to place check-in counters in the most efficient way?
  • How many check-in counters will be necessary for the terminal?
  • How to organize passengers’ lines?
  • Which introscope is needed to provide the planned passenger traffic capacity?
  • How many passport control booths will be necessary?
  • How to organize services for physically challenged passengers?

What we do

Design of passenger terminals presumes not only regulatory compliance but also efficient arrangement of technological zones of passenger and baggage handling.

We design the following technological zones:

  • Passenger check-in hall
  • Baggage handling system
  • Pre-flight airport security control zones
  • Border inspection post
  • Zones of border and customs control
  • Waiting hall for departing passengers and other holding areas
  • Arrival halls and baggage reclaim halls
  • Passenger terminal IT-systems

Our specialists design specific technological zones and efficiently place technological equipment in accordance with all requirements:

  • Orders of ministry of transport
  • ICAO requirements
  • IATA recommendations
  • Requirements of customs and border protection service

While selecting solutions and technological means we also take into account climatic conditions and existing operational traditions of particular airport.

As a rule floor space of passenger terminal is limited so it is necessary to find consent among all services and border and customs control as well. We understand that the main users are passenger handling service and airport security service so the quality of passenger service directly depends on efficiency of their work. Therefore at the stage of project development we pay special attention to the needs of services of terminal.

How we do it

Project development consists of three stages that follow each other cyclically. Each stage specifies and complements the previous one:


At each stage a special set of documentation is developed and such development draws the process to the final goal that is quality and efficient technology of passenger terminal:

Регистрация вылетающих пассажиров Preliminary design: at this stage the assumed location of passenger traffic is envisaged and on the basis of that layouts of technological zones are planned and main technological equipment is placed: check-in counters, passport control booths, boarding exit counters, inspection equipment, equipment of baggage handling system, work places of customs and border services. After completion of this stage the floor space of main technological zone and arrangement of technological equipment become more evident.

xray_modeling-300x199 Simulation modeling: at this stage mathematical model of terminal and software for modelling of passenger traffic and main technological systems are created. This modelling makes it possible to see passenger and baggage passing through the future terminal in order to find and correct possible flaws of the developed project. On the basis of the received data configuration of passenger handling zones is corrected and final layout of baggage handling system is made. The modelling helps to arrange and place technological equipment in the most efficient way according to envisaged passenger traffic. Read more

shema_ramenskoe2-300x168 Design and visualization:at this stage a photo-realistic 3D visualization is made: 3D panoramas of technoligical zones and design of technological furniture. Consequently, the customer gets an overall comprehension of the project. He is able not only to see architectural layouts but also to follow, personally, the whole technology of handling passengers in 3D. All nuances of the project become clear not only to aviation specialists but to engaged investors as well. Read more

Besides, we prepare a detailed description of passenger terminal operational technology and substantiation for the chosen solutions and technological equipment.

Such three-staged project development results in a set of documentation which is sufficient and necessary for all interested parties: layouts and technical drawings for builders (project development stage), technological equipment list and substantiation of the chosen solutions for users (modelling stage) and visualization for managers and investors (visualization stage).

Our experience

Our company co-operates with leading design organizations of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan: Lenaeroproject, Ukraeroproject, Krasaeroproject, Dalaeroproject, Kazaeroproject.

Our specialists have experience of development of technological zones of new terminals in the following airports: Yakutsk, Gabala, Kazan, Ramenskoye (Moscow), Ostafyevo (Moscow), Kokshetau, Roschino (Tyumen).

How can we help


  • Project development for reconstruction and reorganization of existing terminal
  • Project development for new passenger terminal
  • Preparation of technical assignment for tender
  • Updating of passenger terminal in accordance with modern requirements
  • Project management

Project developers

  • Development of IT systems for terminals
  • Development of baggage handling systems
  • Modelling of technological zones
  • Justification of investments
  • Project budgeting


  • Project management
  • Holding tenders for purchase of equipment
  • Co-ordination of changes in the process of project development with developer
  • Consulting

Our specialists have huge experience in the field of technological design of airports and providing equipment for technological zones related to passenger and baggage handling. Contact us and we will find solution for your task!